The PINNEX System

The PINNEX system is the new, fast and silent way of rigging — Made in Germany. 

 he combination of the PINNEX Pin and the PINNEX tool (manual or electric) reduce the noise when dismantling the truss significant and furthermore increases safety as pins are prevented from flying around by the PINNEX tool. 

 In contrast to expensive connector or fast lock systems, with the PINNEX system only the cheapest and simplest component - the pin - is replaced and a PINNEX tool is required.

 Smart, affordable, fast and innovative — try it out now!

Pros :
+ no static difference compared to standard pins
+ reduction of noise by  30 db 
+ low investement costs
+ easy handling 
+ Fall-Off protection 
+ improved work safety

PINNEX Hand pliers

+ hand use
+ low weight
+ easy handling
+ small price


PINNEX battery pliers

+ battery driven
+ including rechargeable battery
+ faster working speed
+ high comfort



+ 76 mm length
+ 8.8 steel
+ compatible with:
   PINNEX hand plier
   PINNEX battery plier






Clumpsy handling with the hammer inside the truss isn't a thing anymore. The PINNEX System provides the best solution to dismantle a truss construction fast and safe.      



Protect your ear and you wallet? No problem - when dismantling a truss construction with the PINNEX tool the noise is reduced by 30 dB in contrast to dismantling the cunstruction with a hammer.


In contrast to invent a fast lock system which may will cost more than the truss piece itself we focused on the cheapest part - the pin. It doesn't always have to be bigger, higher and more expensive - it just has to be clever. This is what we have done with the PINNEX System.


The PINNEX system increases the safety when dismantling a truss construction.  Due to the built-in Fall-Off protection the pins are locked inside the pliers until they are released purposefull.   For example over a PINNEX transport case.  


PINNEX TUTORIAL - Watch on Youtube 

  PINNEX IMAGE VIDEOS - Watch on Youtube